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Scooter Thomas Makes It To The Top Of The World
by Peter Parnell
Presented by the Parish Players

Directed by Kay Morton

A full-length, one-act play, that uses a very minimal set, relying on the actor's strength and adaptability. The play is a physical, lively, humorous, yet touching examination of the relationship between two boyhood friends, whose relationship is gradually altered as they gravitate down different paths while entering adulthood. Their enduring friendship is forever changed due to an accident, or possible suicide, though neither is blatantly stated.
A now grown Dennis is a successful architect. Out of the blue, he receives a call from his mother telling him that his best friend from boyhood, Scooter Thomas, has died. Shaken, Dennis packs for the funeral and begins to relive their friendship while trying to find closure with the sudden loss of his longtime friend. He recalls their relationship in brief, poignant scenes, during which he plays himself, friends from their past (now married, college graduates) and the oppressive male authority figures in Scooter's life. Scooter is present in Dennis' recollections, and with full abandon, they act them out. The actors span a time from being ten-years-old to perhaps late twenties or thirties.

Performances: Thursday, November 30 & December 7
Friday - Saturday, December 1-2, & 8-9 at 7:30pm
Sunday Matinées December 3 & 10 at 3pm



No Upcoming Shows Scheduled

12th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival

Performances: February 2018

Thanks to everyone who supported and performed in the 2017 Tens Festival. We appreciate all your hard work and talent that made this years Tens such a success. We look forward to our next Tens in 2018.


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