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Note: Plays that will be produced this year were be selected from the finalist list by directors. Even if not chosen for production this year, these works are re-entered in the finalist category for re-consideration in future festivals.

2017 (* indicates performance in the festival)
Playwright Last Name   Title of Play
Alterman, Glenn   Ditmas
Alterman   Benchmarks
Anderson   Cupid & Psycho
Arsenault   To the Roof
Benedict   Gloria Steinem & Lotte Lenya ... Waiting
Biss   A Flawed Character
Biss, Andrew * The Craft
Borengasser   Gospel According to Bowser
Bowman   Reverend Rick's Big Moment
Brennan   940 Feathers
Breznitsky   The Counter
Bryjak   Jump!
Burbano   Finding Neoplasms
Coash, Thomas * Raghead
Cohen   Ruth Must Die
Corley * Falling
Cornell   Story Road
Cowley   Out
Darg   Til Death
Donofrio   Place of Business
Donofrio   Survive This
Foster   Dragonflies
Jolly   Survive This
MacGregor   Immersion Therapy
Meagher   The Full Story
Meagher   Social Glue
Mills   What You Did Wrong
Moth   I'm at a Loss
Mullen   Therapy Dog
Myrick   Prisoners of War
O'Neill-Butler   It's All in the Eye
Orloff, Rich * A Womb with a View
Orloff   I Was Fine Until You Came into the Room
Proctor   Why I Think Up Poems in the Pool
Rawlins   The King of Earth
Rice   A Play About Bacon
Romero   The Elephant & the Light in Claire's Suitcase
Rushton   Out Here
Sapio   Hocking Murray
Saunders   The Case of the Missing Know-It-All
Silverman   On a Wing and a Prayer
Snoad   The Life of Trees
Snodgrass   Love Gerald
Starzyk   The Golden Years
Stepakoff   The Sisters
Strauss   The Cut of Memory
Stubbles   Wheatgrass Smoothie Blues
Szudrich   Slow Dating
Thompson   Bread Crumbs
Toledo   Yellow Submarine
Tooher, Michael * 180
Torres   Sex and the Mailman
Widman   Subtraction by Addition
Williams   A Change of Tune
Wolf, Jeffrey * Heroic Misconduct
Yunker   The Sales Rank Also Rises
Yunker   Veganish
Zephyr   The Kiss
Zephyr   The Commemorative Bench

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