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11th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival
Directed by: Perry Allison, Erik Gaetz, Nora Jacobson, John Langhus, Leah Romano, Kevin Quigley, and Hetty Thomae

Co-produced by Duncan Nichols & Leah Romano

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the sensational to the inexplicable, this festival always has something for everyone. What"s coming in 2017? Congratulations to our Finalists.

Cast: Bettina Abrams, Nahele Adams, Katie Cawley, Rachel Griggs, Kate Gundy, Hannah Jeffrey, Emily Kuvin, Kate Magill, Alison Marchione, Quinby McClellan, Peter Mendes, Will Moore, Rob O"Leary, Lindsay Stratton, and Jonathan Teller-Elsberg

Performances: Thursday, February 9, 16 at 7:30pm
Friday - Saturday, February 10-11, 17-18 at 7:30pm
Sunday Matinées February 12, 19 at 3pm

   Adults $15   Seniors $12   Students $10

Eclipse Grange Theater
193 Academy Road
Thetford, VT 05074

180 by Michael Tooher, directed by Erik Gaetz
A Womb With A View by Rich Orloff, directed by Perry Alison
Falling by Hal Corley, directed by Kevin Quigley
Heroic Misconduct by Jeffrey Wolf, directed by John Langhus
The Craft by Andrew Biss, directed by Hetty Thomae
Raghead by Tom Coash, directed by Nora Jacobson


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