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The Parish Players Board of Directors


The Parish Players are run by an elected Board of twelve or more members. Each board member is elected at the Annual Meeting for a 2-year term and may only serve two consecutive terms. The Annual Meeting is generally held in mid-February or March and includes a potluck. Come join us next year.

Board   Term Ends
  Perry Allison 1st 2018
Treasurer Ken Burchard   Life
  Cami Buster 1st 2019
Chair Alex Cherington 2nd 2018
  Toni Egger 1st 2019
Corresponding Secretary Rachel Giambruno 1st 2019
Vice Chair Samantha Davidson Green 2nd 2018
  Henry Higgs 2nd 2019
Clerk Alison Marchione 1st 2019
  Kay Morton 1st 2019
  Leah Romano 2nd 2019
  Noor Taher 1st 2019

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The Program Committee is a standing committee charged with reviewing production proposals and budgets. The Program Committee makes recommendations to the Board.

Program Committee
  Danielle Cohen
  Dorothy Gannon
  Shelby Grantham
  Darby Hiebert
  Sheila Kaplow
  Kay Morton
  Linda Neubelt

The Building Committee is a standing committee charged with maintenance and improvement of the Eclipse Grange. The Building Committee makes recommendations to the board.

Building Committee
Chair Alex Cherington
  Barb Payson
  Jim Schley
  Noor Taher
  Janet Eller
  Neal Meglathery
  Cami Buster


Development Committee
Chair Ken Burchard
  Alex Cherington
  Samantha Davidson Green
  Henry Higgs
  Alison Marchione
  Leah Romano


Theatrical Properties Committee
  Janet Eller
  Alison Marchione
  Barb Payson


Digital Media & Communications Committee
  Perry Allison
  Stephen Campbell
Chair Samantha Davidson Green
Webmaster Paul Hunt
  Robert O'Leary
  Leah Romano

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